Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Fantastic to have a white out at the turn of a new year. Thick, thick snow and sub zero temperatures takes me back to childhood when the icicles were so much bigger, hot aches and chilblains were dreaded and it was so exciting to walk miles to school in your wellies or even better to get snowed in!!

At least the kids (& us) got to go sledging, snowballing, snowman making and icicle gathering. And... to top it off extra days off school to play in the fluffy blankets of snow. Wonderful! Take me to Scandinavia any day!

A wintery walk around my village. It's like walking in Narnia... Wonderful!
Even the bank has foot long icicles.

The hoar frost and snow was so thick it deadend the noise, just silence, beautiful.

And... mad John Tildesley sledging!!