Arriving at the fair, the first stop, breakfast.  Tea's out in Frankfurt, far too thin, but latte's just right!
I like the consideration that goes into the cafes in the halls, why can't we do better here?  They're actually nice places to spend time...

LOFT the best hall to head for, with serious focus on design led product, it'd be great to spend all the time here rather than to scour all the other halls, best saved as a real treat or respite from the other mass manufactured halls. 

On my wish list The Cobbler Stool is a reinterpretation of the milking stool classic, simple styling and so nice to sit on...
Designed by Danish trio E2 the New Nordic bowls - porcelain serveware that's oven proof too.. clever thinking.  Large teak platters and serving spoons

The Pilot Coat Hanger designed by Nina Tostrup “Design should be based on a good idea, a simple and functional look and a beautiful form that makes the best use of the material.”   Elegant and streamlined coat hanger, typical Scandinavian..

Extrude wardrobe- won the The Formland Design Award – Autumn 2012.


Takahashi Kougei produce beautiful lathe turned products from their small scale family business
Aiming to create simple, functional wooden pieces.  Kami Cup & Kakudo Series designed by Masanori Oji. 
Stars of the show were these guys from 13th degree Alexander Paul Finke and
Jörg Zinser

These were so cool, bags and aprons for the garden made from recycled paper...  Like how they used these planted with herbs around the cafes..

So excited over Iris Hantverk brushes.. made by visually impaired craftsman using traditional techniques and quality materials. Impressed with the shaving brush made with badger bristles! Products made using birch or beech with natural bristles, from horsehair and goatshair. 

beautiful turned bowls, paper thin


Designed by Konstfack graduates  Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren, the Swedish design company Front.