Nordic Inspiration

I've fallen for this website big time- fjellby and in accordance with their vision
'City meets nature!' their collection is truly a homage to the craftsmanship of the handmade and an eclectic mix of nature and urban life.  Simple and beautiful.

Milk Lamp

Norm Architects
Milk Lamp inspired by the classic Nordic milk stool

Clever design and ingenuity; I love the ethos and purpose behind the design aesthetic:
"Just as light is a gatherer, the bell has historically been used to call people to come together - to gather people. With its bell shape, Bell can also be used to create a cosy place to gather in the room.”

Waffles ...


Wintery Whites

In tune with the wintery weather outside, here's some fabulous inspirational wintery whites!

I've been pinning from:  Sue Pryke & Pinterest 


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Fantastic to have a white out at the turn of a new year. Thick, thick snow and sub zero temperatures takes me back to childhood when the icicles were so much bigger, hot aches and chilblains were dreaded and it was so exciting to walk miles to school in your wellies or even better to get snowed in!!

At least the kids (& us) got to go sledging, snowballing, snowman making and icicle gathering. And... to top it off extra days off school to play in the fluffy blankets of snow. Wonderful! Take me to Scandinavia any day!

A wintery walk around my village. It's like walking in Narnia... Wonderful!
Even the bank has foot long icicles.

The hoar frost and snow was so thick it deadend the noise, just silence, beautiful.

And... mad John Tildesley sledging!!


Home Made Winter

Only one thing to do when it's so cold & frosty outside.  Bake!  It's marmalade season too.  A short window of 3 weeks to buy Seville oranges to make that tart traditional breakfast favourite.  Squeeze out the juice and pips and keep, slice the oranges, add some water and boil til soft. Add some sugar and done.
I love these inpsiring images of home made treats....