Bank Holiday Weekend....

 Well.. where's the Bank Holiday sunshine...?

A Bank Holiday weekend in Wales

 Not a soul on the beach... Great British Seaside..
always rains in Wales...  but then the sun shone...

Managed to get a swim in the sea, some beach cricket, Coco was the best fielder ever.. and we had fish & chips for tea... didn't we have a lovely time...!


Bright Pops of Colour

 Zoe Darlington
Apartment Therapy, colour chips
reproduction of Manet's Bar at the Folies-Berger took designer Tim Fraser Brown and his friends 4 days and 5000 Pantone chips to make

via styleinside

Love Love Love this Tableware... Summery Spots and Stipes

Lovely summer dot and stripe earthenware bowls..

Summer Brights from Leah Rosenberg
Via: http://shadowshopper.wordpress.com/tag/ceramics

Love these porcelain plates with reactive decal stripes:
 Jingshi collection from Designers Guild

5 Shades of Grey .. & Pops of Colour

Seriously Mr Grey..

Lovely sombre styling, this is my favourite website of the week:
A design collective, using reclaimed and salvaged materials to reinvent and reassemble vintage industrial furniture, objects and oddities to deliver the unexpected!  The descriptions are fantastic..

USA, 1910, Vintage Hoffman Artist Drafting Table. Cast Iron Tripod Design. Blackened Cast Iron Construction with Time Worn Hardwood top. Fully Adjustable with many "Knuckle" Knobs. Exquisite Piece with Many Uses                                      
USA, c.1910s. Vintage Industrial Inventors Movable Desk, Early Electric Switch. Sturdy Oak Construction on Casters. With Plug and Light Socket, Rewired.
USA, 1920s, Vintage Industrial Petite Bistro Cafe Table. Formed Metal Base with Elegant Lines. Well Worn Wooden Top. Solid and Stable. Nice Patina.

 USA, c.1910s. Vintage Industrial Saxony Low Painters Bench/Shelf. Cast Iron Adjustable Legs. Old Growth Pine Rail. Time Worn Patina. Solid and Sturdy.
  USA, c.1920s. Vintage Industrial Cast Iron and Wood Sculptors Painters Artists Sculpture Stand.
Craftsman's Long John slab bench

France, 1930s, Vintage Normandie Cast Iron Pedestal Side Table. Heavy Cast Iron Column Base with Solid Hardwood Top. Heavy, Solid, and Sturdy. Time Worn Patina.

In contrast, something sleeker -Love these calm and cool interiors



The lovely Eriba...

Camping on the water's edge guarantees a Beautiful view

Cool dust caps..

soda Breads Oakham Farmer's Market


Mini Squash &
  Artichokes from Lincolnshire!